The StageDiver is the ultimate universal in-ear monitoring system developed by InEar Germany. InEar's design engineers created a monitor that fits almost every ear and looks identical to a custom made system.

The base for the shell was developed by overlapping more than 500 different scans of ear impressions. Several prototypes were manufactured in-house and tested in close exchange with customers to find the perfect fit, so the monitor will not move. At the end of the development phase, InEar created a universal in-ear monitor that almost perfectly fits the human ear's anatomy.  For optimal fit in the ear canal, the StageDiver comes with tips in three different sizes, S, M and L.

Advantages of the StageDiver series

  • Perfect sound through high-quality drivers and precisely coordinated crossover components
  • External noise isolation of about 26 dB
  • Removeable earwax filter
  • The cables used meet the global standard for in-ear monitors. All cables are exchangeable and feature formable wires to keep the cable securely behind the ear.
  • Hand-crafted in Germany